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Buy Biscuit Tea Cup, Biscuit Coffee Cup, Edible Tea Cups in different flavours and sizes.

About Us

What if we tell you that now you can have an edible alternative to disposable plastic cups? With a vision of creating a better tomorrow, we, Edicup, as our name suggests, bring forth an exclusive range of Edible Biscuit Coffee Cup, Edible Cardamom Flavour Cup, Edible Vanilla Biscuit Tea Cup, Edible Chocolate Biscuit Tea Cup, etc., that is tasty, crispy, made with love and served with pride. 

What is unique about the way Edicup works is not only its range featuring taste and characteristics, but also the way the company crafts so many styles in edible cups every day without halt; with each batch syncing well with the taste and quality of the other. This becomes possible as we have set up the latest manufacturing machinery and equipment at our processing factory as a part of our proprietary production techniques where our experts observe the highest production and quality assurance standards. 

We have skilled experts who take great care during each and every process, right from mixing of the right inputs and ingredients, to making dough in the right consistency, shaping and baking products to packaging cups as per client needs. Harmonious working at all our units helps us strike cordial and harmonious relations with many clients as a nationally renowned edible cup manufacturer and supplier.

Our Aim

Our aim is to add a unique character and exhilarating feel to tea and coffee drinking experience of beverage consumers, all the while making the world a better place by doing away with the use of single use plastics. We feel proud that we have a loyal fan following of numerous customers from all around the Indian market today who with their support ignites our passion and quality commitment even more.

Our Facility

We have automated product processing lines that help us create batches of Edible Biscuit Coffee Cup, Edible Cardamom Flavour Cup, Edible Chocolate Biscuit Tea Cup, etc., without generating much waste. 

At this unit, we produce cups in various sizes using quality inputs. The cups are made using natural ingredients only that do not alter the taste of the beverage in any way. The cups also remain crunchy for long. We have quality control experts working at the unit who test each cup to make sure it has no artificial colorants and preservatives and features the following traits:

  • Long lasting crispiness
  • Good moisture resistance
  • Light weight
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